Miss Cici was very good very happy with the place clean and quiet. I will be back I did go back a few days later and missed Cici work with me to get the pressure just right and it felt wonderful Great job thank you

- Mark

I highly recommend their deep tissue massage. It will leave you relaxed, renewed, and relieved of discomfort. The warm and friendly staff will give you a massage that is done very well.

- Peter

It was a very good experience. CiCi was my massage. Therapist done a great job when it hurting in my shoulders and neck. She relieve the pain. Great experience. I’ve been going back ever since now for almost a year every other month.

- Henry

I love to go here, nice environment and sweet people. Great massage.

- Linda

Amazing lady! Does wonderful work. Amazing massage! Would recommend to everyone! Very clean and very comfortable place

- John

Great massage. CiCi is my masseuse, and I ask for deep tissue massage. From the beginning, I knew that the massage would be carried out as requested. She spent more time on my back than expected, but was glad to have it when She finished. I asked for more time on my legs and feet. They really hurt before the massage. After she finished it, the pain in my feet was gone. I did see where someone talked about payment before the massage, that’s pretty much the way it is due to people not paying after a massage, they complained and expect to get it free.

- MD

Blue Sea Massage is outstanding. CiCi is very professional, courteous and kind. She is an amazing massage therapist. I have lived with spine problems for the last 16 years, including surgery in 2016. CiCi soothes the pain in my neck and back with her expertise. She is precise without any unnecessary movements. It is a totally relaxing experience throughout my entire body. CiCi is great while I recommend her to anyone in need of massage therapy. I am very satisfied with everything at Blue Sea. The environment is perfect with excellent service.

- Joey

The staff is always friendly and provide a great massage. I would recommend and would come back when I get a chance.

- David

Quality therapeutic massage. Very clean, quiet and often available on short notice; a real plus! Always receive full 60/90 minutes time unlike many other establishments. Recommended

- Guy

Oh I love blue sea massage they are great people I have arthritis and severe nerve pain and they help me so much I am very thankful to the ladies there

- Robo

Therapist has helped me get over extreme tightness in my shoulders and upper back. Very professional and second to none. I highly recommend Blue Sea. They are the best and most friendly staff. Most of all they are there to help. Great place for a complete massage and peace of mind.

- Harry

Blue Sea massage best massage ever. Had terrible back and neck pain. Chiropractor could not relieve the pain. After 2 visits with CiCi the pain is gone. CiCi is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is very nice, professional and clean. I highly recommend her.

- John

Blue Sea is a great place - very clean, friendly, and professional. I went in with several medical complaints that the technician was able to resolve or alleviate. It’s nice to not work around the pain. The value for their work and dedication is a no-brainer for those seeking a solid, relaxing, and extremely enjoyable massage.

- Jesse